CODO Essential Oil Germinal anti-off Shampoo
Model NO.: C12101
Net Wt:
Plant essential oil formula making the follice cell divide, recover the hair a normal growth cycle, strengthen the hair root and improve the hair loss phenomenon effectively. It can also strengthen immunologic function of the hair follicle cell and prevent hair from being harm by dyeing , perming and other external factor.

Product features:

1Pure plant essential formula impel hair follice cell didision, cell proliferation, gradually wake up and being activated and actively participate in the bodys circulation and independent absorb the nutrition around the hair scalp. The hair mother cells devide into amount and synthesis of new hair, rebuild their normal hair growth cycle.

2 Increases blood circulation, accelerate aging cell to renovate, promote hair regeneration, effectively improve the phenomenon of hair loss, snaps delivering and permanent hair loss which cause by damaged hair follicle.

3 Fully improve the inside and outside environment of hair follicle cells, restore permeability of the hair follicle cell wall, making the hair follicle cell metabolism tend to normal. Strengthen activity of PSD hair cells. Firm the hair root and prevent hair lossing.

4 Enhance the immune function of cells therefore uplift the capability of hair against the external environment, Prevent the hair being harm by dyeing and perming.

Main ingredient specification :

 Efficacy of Ginger:

Gingerol and Gingerene etc in Ginger can nomalize the blood circulation of the scalp, promote scalp metabolism and activate hair follicle. Effectively prevent hair loss and white hair. It also has the stimulating properties that encourage hair growth, restrain itchy scalp and aggrandizement hair root. A test showed that people straightly rub Ginger into the blad spot for a few days and the hair re-growth. Ginger composition in shampoo cleans the scalp, eliminate scurf, and prevent hair thinning problem etc.

Efficacy of Rosemary:

Rosemary’s extractive is rich in Oxidant and Presservative. It is antibacterial. Rosemary not only opsonize the scalp and removes dandruff but also make your hair lighter, balance blood circulation of the scalp and revitalize your hair.

Efficacy of Palmarosa:

Regulate Sebum Secretion, Rebuild natural film of the hair surface, perfectly moisturizing for dry hair. It also promote the scalp cell regeneration and solve general scalp infection.




Wet the hair first, apply proper amount of the product on hair, gently rub into rich bubble, then rinse with water. You will get better effect if use with massage hair cream.



Stop using if any irritation or rash appears. If it get into eyes, please rinse with water immediately. Keep out of the reach of children. Store away from moisture.


Target users: common



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